6 Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver In India 2020

Everyone these days prefers using Bluetooth-enabled devices whether it is your earphones or speakers. No longer people wish to connect any form of wires that simply limit the functionality and create a hindrance. Similarly, the cars that we own these days may or may not have a Bluetooth enabled stereo system. If you do not have the technology, you can make use of Bluetooth Receiver that serves the same purpose.

You can now ditch the idea of using AUX cable or any USB drive to listen to your favorite music. All you need to do is simply plug in the receiver and connect your smartphone to it via Bluetooth. However, there is just one small issue that comes in the way when selecting the Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver In India. There are hundreds of options in the market and it becomes very difficult to look for the best one among them. So, we did that part of the job for you that will help you select.

You can check out the Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver In India from the list below with proper reviews and information.

Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver In India

1. TP-Link HA100

TP-Link HA100


  • Connect to a stereo system supporting 3.5mm AUX or RCA jacks
  • NFC quick pairing & easy setup
  • Range up to 20 meters
  • NFC Tag for passenger pairing
  • Improves Echo

TP-Link is one of the highest-rated and the best Bluetooth Audio Receiver in India. It is an NFC-enabled device that is super easy to connect and also takes only seconds to set up. Simply connect to your home or car stereo and stream music from your smartphones or any Bluetooth compatible device. It allows you to make your wired speaker as a wireless by connecting this Bluetooth device to it.

Th best part of this audio receiver is that it has a wireless range of 20 meters that allows you to connect your device from anywhere in your home or car. If you have a stereo system with 3.5mm AUX or RCA jacks, well that is all you need to connect the HA100 device. As soon as you have set up NFC through this, with just a single click you can pair it up. You can easily store the Bluetooth info of up-to 8 devices that will help you connect your device as soon as you switch on the Bluetooth.

One of the most significant parts of this device is that it gives a wider range to Amazon Echo. Well, there are chances when Alexa cannot hear you and thus you are unable to process the command. So, simply connect it with HA100 and you can access it from anywhere. It serves as a wireless bridge that gives Echo a longer range and you can easily access it from anywhere rather than having to go near it to play music or anything. Furthermore, if you are using it in your car, it automatically switches on/off along with the vehicle.


  • Super-sleek and Stylish
  • Exceptional Bluetooth range
  • Enables NFC tag for easier connection
  • Impressive quality of music
  • Increase the range for Amazon Echo


  • Not Good enough Bass

2. CrossBeats Mini Bluetooth Receiver

CrossBeats Mini Bluetooth Receiver


  • Latency lower than 95%
  • Up to 5 hours working time
  • Compatibility and Connect 2 devices at the same time
  • Features a built-in microphone
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.1/HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

CrossBeats Mini is a state of the art Bluetooth Receiver that features some of the best technology advancement and specs. It is a small and very compact device that has built-in Bluetooth technology such that you can use it in your stereo system and your car that does not already have one. This receiver can easily transform your 3.5mm audio-out devices to a Bluetooth enabled device.

This helps to provide high audio quality output and makes sure you can easily connect your devices and play your favorite music. If you re worried about any lags with this wireless technology, well you will be thrilled to know that it supports lower than 95% latency with the use of aptX technology. Also, it does not show any lag with a 40 ms response time. It is very easy to use as it connects to the AUX of your stereo system and within seconds the system becomes Bluetooth enabled.

Other than this, it even has a built-in microphone that enables hands-free calling in your car with crystal clear voice quality. Also, CrossBeats Mini allows you to connect two devices on this device at once. Furthermore, it takes about a maximum of 2 hours to fully charge and provides a backup of 5 long hours without any network delay or interruption.


  • Good battery backup
  • Impressive and compact design
  • Great quality of sound
  • Multiple devices can be connected
  • Enabled hands-free calling


  • No NFC enabled
  • Build quality is average

3. Cubetek CB-BTI-018

Cubetek 2 in 1 Bluetooth V5.0 Transmitter & Receiver


  • Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver
  • Latency lower than 95%
  • End-to-end lag time is now 40 milliseconds
  • Up to 8 hours working time 
  • Connect 2 Devices at the same time

If you are not very concerned about the budget and are looking for the best product in the market, Cubetek is the one for you. This device not only works as a receiver for your car or stereo system but also as a transmitter that can help you connect your headphones to your music system. It is an exceptional feature that does come in handy since it is very small and highly portable in nature. 

This device has a great boot time and only 40 ms lag time to meet the demands of other devices. Moreover, it has a very low latency rate of only 95% using the aptX technology allowing the transmitter to transmit the music conveniently. This device uses the latest Bluetooth V5 technology that is easy to pair and reconnect any device within a good range. Moreover, it brings a strong transmission of a signal to the devices with high-quality sound output. 

You can easily convert any of your system such as TV, PC, media player, speakers, car stereo into a Bluetooth enabled device. Another interesting aspect of this device is that you an easily connect two systems together i.e two smartphones at once and need not switch in between them. Furthermore, it takes only two hours to charge fully and also gives a backup of up to 8 hours.


  • Massive battery backup
  • Very low lag time
  • Compatible with every Bluetooth enabled smartphone
  • Superb sound quality and transmission
  • Sleek and compact design


  • Auto power off does not work conveniently
  • Frequent disconnection while connecting two devices

4. Tewtross Bluetooth V5.0 Audio Receiver

Tewtross Bluetooth V5.0


  • Bluetooth range up-to 10 meters
  • Up-to 12 horus of battery backup
  • Connects two devices at the same time
  • Provides Connectivity via 3.5mm Aux/jack Input
  • Distortion-free Digital Audio to Wired Speakers

Tewtross is an affordable and mid-range product that you can easily buy if you have a good budget in hand. The device is sleek and compatible with your car stereo system and home audio devices. With few simple steps you can easily set it up and to do so your system must have a 3.5mm AUC connector built-in it. Simply plug it in and it enables Bluetooth connection to the system so that you can connect your smartphones.

With a Bluetooth range of only 10 meters, the built-in exceptional Qualcomm CSR chip-set gives a pretty clear distortion-free output so that you can enjoy the music without any lags. It has a multifunctional button on it through which you can start/stop the music or even accept/reject the calls. Moreover, the built-in microphone in the device allows you to enjoy hands-free calling. Furthermore, it features noise cancellation so that you can get the best sound quality while you are in your car.

Now, the Tewtross Audio Receiver can easily connect two devices at once so that you need not have to switch in between the devices. There is no software or adapter required, simply the operation of plug and play. Also, it has a charging port that takes hardly 2-3 horus to full charge and gets a battery backup of up to 12 hours.


  • Impressive battery backup
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to connect and set up
  • Exceptional voice quality and noise cancellation
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • Bass is not good enough
  • Built quality on the edge

5. VeeDee J19

VeeDee J19 Bluetooth Receiver


  • Latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology
  • Up to 10 hours of playtime
  • Features Hands-free calling
  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Multi-point connection
  • Bluetooth range up-to 10 meters

VeeDee is yet another exceptional Bluetooth Audio receiver that features the latest Bluetooth technology so that you get zero lags in between connecting devices together. Also, it has a range of 10 meters which is perfect to cover you around the house and enjoy playing music from a distance. You need to plug the device in the AUX input in your car or your home stereo system and it will automatically set up.

Also, the device has an in-built microphone though which you can make crystal clear phone calls with just a simple click. J19 has a multi-functional button on it through which you can accept/reject calls with just a simple click. In fact, you can control the volume from it directly and also play/pause the music as well. One of the most interesting facts about the device is that it can provide voice navigation as well once you connect your smartphone to it.

This device even features noise cancellation properties so that your voice can be heard clearly on the other side cutting off any background noise. As for battery life, it takes only 1.5 hours to charge the battery completely. Also, it can give you playback time of about 10 horus in a single charge after which you may have to charge it again.


  • Affordable and within budget
  • Crystal clear sound for calls and music
  • Great battery backup
  • The connectivity range is impressive
  • True stereo output


  • No automatic on/off
  • Issues with call connection

6. Musesonic Bluetooth V5.0 Audio Receiver

Musesonic Bluetooth V5.0


  • Up to 12 hours of playtime
  • Connect 2 Mobile-Tablets or Any Other Devices
  • Multi-function buttons
  • Features Qualcomm Chipset
  • Bluetooth range up-to 10 meters

Her we another mid-range Bluetooth Audio Receiver that amazed us with its brilliant set of features and specs. It runs on a Qualcomm chipset with the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology so that you get the best connection and does not experience any loss in connection whatsoever. You can enjoy high quality and the fastest audio reception from this device with no room for error in any manner. The device has been designed in a manner such that it is super lightweight and can easily be carried around.

You can simply plug into your car stereo or to your home audio system. The build quality is pretty good too with great shine on it. It has separate parking buttons and volume control too so that you have an easy way to set up the device within a matter of seconds. Moreover, as soon as you have set up the device, it allows you to connect two devices at once. This will help you to play your favorite music from both the devices simultaneously.

Adding more to this, the microphone acts as the best asset to this device since you can easily take calls while in your car with convenience. All the parts are provided with the device so that you do not need anything else. The battery backup for this device is up to 12 hours which is incredible sicne you can use it all day long. Furthermore, it only takes an horus to get fully charged and you can get back on with it.


  • Value for money
  • Highly compact and lightweight
  • Easy to connect and set up the device
  • Takes very less charging time
  • Great sound quality for calls and music


  • Buttons are not of very good quality

Final Verdict

Here we have the list of best Bluetooth Audio receiver that is perfectly reviewed and curated so that you get the best options available in the market. We have intentionally kept the list shortened so that you do not get confused with so many options available. These devices are very handy and super lightweight. You can easily connect them to your car stereo system if they do not have in-built Bluetooth technology. This will help you listen to your favorite music and also enjoy hands-free calling anytime you want.

Make sure to check out the battery backup and the added features on such devices so that you do not compromise on anything and select as per your budget. If at all you are stuck and still cannot make the right choice you can let us know where you are stuck so that we cna help you pick out the right option for you.

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