11 Best Bluetooth Earbuds In India 2021

There is a huge difference when it comes to selecting between Bluetooth earphones and truly wireless earbuds. If you are looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds in India in the best possible range but also the best among all with no price barrier, then you can check out those that will not disappoint you at all.

Wireless Earbuds have become very popular with every brand designing and manufacturing some of the best you would have ever thought of. Earbuds are super easy to be carried around, the charge lasts longer due to the case, and the best aspect of all is the durability. Since there are no wires on the earbuds, it will last longer and hence the reliability is a lot more than usual.

Whether you are thinking of listening to music, for calls, for use while running, exercising, running, or simply anything, Bluetooth Earbuds are the best and a lot better than the wired earphones that you may have been using. However, the good ones do cost a little more but if you are looking for something to rely on, you may have to spend more. So let us look at the list of best Bluetooth earbuds in India.

11 Best Bluetooth Earbuds In India

1. Apple Airpods

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case


  • Quick access to Siri
  • Double-tap to play or skip forward
  • Charges quickly in the case
  • Automatically on and connected
  • H1 chip delivers low latency wireless connection

Apple Airpods is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds in India and our favorite among all we have used. If you are worried about the connection, then you should be aware that it can work with any smartphone either be it Apple or Android. We checked it out with both the operating systems and worked perfectly well. Starting with the build quality, it is highly durable and has an excellent finish. If you are not a big fan of the silicon earbuds, then this design is worth everything and fits in perfectly in your ears.

It is very easy to get connected to the Airpods, simply flip over the case and get connected automatically within seconds. In fact, it is perfect if you have Apple devices since you may not have to configure a lot too. Speaking of its features, you can simply choose the tap features you wish to set up which can be done on Apple devices only. Also, you can out Siri and ask her to read your messages or else play & pause your music, pick up or reject calls with a double-tap.

Furthermore, noise cancellation works for the best especially when you are taking calls. After just a single charge the earbuds work for more than 5 hours no matter whatever you use it for. And the case can hold a charge for up to 24 hours of listening time. These earbuds are very lightweight along with the case and you can carry them around just anywhere.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Superb sound quality
  • Build quality is brilliant
  • Compatible with any device


  • A little Expensive
  • Cannot configure settings on Android

2. Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra Elite 65t


  • Incredible 4-microphone technology
  • Up to 15 hours with the charging case
  • Water and dust resistant
  • One-touch access to Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant
  • Auto pause and Auto power off

Jabra Elite 65t is one of the most popular earbuds that you would have ever come across. It is known for its effective wind noise reduction on calls, and advanced speakers. You will have the best music experience and enjoy uninterrupted call quality. Also, download the Jabra Sound+ app that will allow you to control your earphones and make changes to how you listen to your music.

This earphone is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that makes your connection to your smartphone stable and worry-free. We experience no drop in connection or any disturbance while listening to music or speaking to someone. Also, it works perfectly well with any operating system. Using the app you can choose your voice assistant, customize your music profile, keep track of your battery charge, and a lot more. We loved the design and it fits perfectly in your ears. You are given multiple buds based on your size.

It is very easy to carry around with a durable case that keeps it easy to access and use. Jabra Elite 65t gives a battery life of up to 5 hours in a single charge. With the case, you will get a total of 15 hours of charge that is beyond amazing. Furthermore, this earphone is certified water and dust resistant so you need not worry about any sweat or water splashes anymore.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Superb and dynamic sound quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Jabra app with exclusive features


  • Issues with customer support
  • Can be a little expensive

3. Samsung Galaxy SM-R170NZKAINU

Samsung Galaxy SM-R170NZKAINU


  • Type-C charging case
  • Ambient sound mode
  • 5 hours of battery life in a single charge
  • Compact charging case
  • 58mAH lithium-ion battery

Samsung Galaxy earbuds are mid-range earbuds which the users have been loving a lot with some of the best features and rich sound quality. This tech giant has been in the market for decades and the service is something you can trust above all. It is very comfortable to wear and makes sure it does not fall off from your ears. You can easily wear them at your gym and keep working out without having to worry.

The case is pretty light and also very small in size. It will fit right in your pocket and make the best use of it. Whether you are walking or simply running, biking, or even hiking, these in-ear earbuds work perfectly well for anyone in every situation. Also, the design and structure of the earphones are built in a way so that it does not create any pressure on your ear canals. YOu won’t need any extra buds since the size is made flexible for any type of ear.

You can enjoy the top-notch sound quality that is clear and accurate fulfilling any type of purpose. Apart from having the best design overall, battery life is also pretty good. In a single charge, the earbuds can be used for about 5 hours, and using the charging case, it can give an extra charge of about 7-8 hours only. The battery life for the case isn’t the best but it works decently.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fits perfectly in the ears
  • The ambient sound mode works well
  • Supports Type-C charging cable


  • Charging case does not hold too much charge
  • Only IP X2 rated. So not possible to use in the rain

4. Sony WF-XB700

Sony WF-XB700


  • IPX4 water resistance
  • up to 18 hours of playtime
  • Ergonomic Tri-hold structure
  • Magnetic Charging Case
  • Stable Connection/Low Latency

Sony truly wireless extra bass Bluetooth Earbuds is yet another mid-range earphones by a tech giant. The earbuds have an exceptional build quality and give extra Bass to your favorite music. It has an ergonomically designed tri-hold structure that touches three parts of your ears so that it fits in perfectly and does not put too much pressure on your ear canal.  Like we said it has been equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology keeping you connected at all times.

This Bluetooth earbud is certified IPX4 water-resistant as well as sweat-resistant too. You can take it up to your gym, workouts, running, hiking, etc without any worry. It has the magnetic chagrin case which is pretty lightweight and also quite compact. You can carry it anywhere keeping your earphones secure at all times. Both the earbuds have different functions using the buttons. The left earbud handles the volume and the right one manages the play, pause, next, or previous track. Along with this, you can pick up and reject calls using the buttons.

The most incredible aspect of the earbuds is that they give a charge of 9 hours along with the case giving off 9 hours of more charge. There are hardly any such earbuds with such an amazing battery backup. Furthermore, the earphones get charged fully in 10 minutes or about half an hour for complete backup.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • High punchy bass all the way
  • Superb battery life
  • Noise reduction and cancellation
  • Perfect BT connectivity


  • A little bulky in the ears
  • Sony support isn’t the best

5. Boat Airdopes 311V2

boAt Airdopes 311V2


  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • Stereo Calling feature for clear and crisp communication
  • Integrated Multifunction Controls
  • IPX5 marked Sweat & Water resistance
  • up to 3.5H with each charge

Boat Airpodes 311V2 is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds in India and also something you can surely afford if you have a lower budget. This brand has designed multiple products over the years and their quality has been top-notch. The same goes for this pair of Airpodes that are not only durable but has excellent sound output. You can have the true wireless experience with the help of the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that has been used.

This Bluetooth earbud gives you crystal clear sound quality for your calls and even while you are listening to the music. It offers the Stereo Calling feature for clear and crisp communication. Other than this, you will love the design and how it can structure ergonomically to fit the buds in your ears with ease. You may find a little bulky to go with at first, but over the period of time, you may get used to it. But it all depends on you if at all you would want to go forward with it. Furthermore, the Airpodes are certified IPX5 sweat and water-resistant making it easier for you to use while gyming or while running.

You can also use the buttons on the earbuds so call your voice assistant and make your command. From setting up an alarm to calling anyone, you can do anything hands-free. Also, the earbuds give a battery backup of 3.5 hours in a single charge. On the other hand, the case of the earbuds can give a total of 12 hours on the go.


  • Bluetooth connection is superb
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Perfect noise cancellation
  • Value for money
  • Battery level is great


  • A little bulky in the ears
  • Takes time to charge

6. Boult Audio AirBass Tru5ive Pro

Boult Audio AirBass Tru5ive Pro


  • One Button Control & Voice Assistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Automatically pair with your device
  • Passive Noise Cancelling
  • IPX7 waterproof

Boult Audio AirBass Tru5ive Pro is one of the best-designed earbuds that we have come across among all. It is available in multiple colors i.e Pink, green, and grey.  The design is pretty unique and the earbuds go around your ear and fit in perfectly. Also, it has an ergonomic structure that makes it easy for you to use it anywhere you would want. The buds are made of super-soft silicone and put the least pressure on your ear canal.

Thi earbud has only a single button that can be used to play & pause your music, reject & pick your calls, and access your voice assistant either be it Siri or Google Assistant. The use of Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes your connection stronger and there is hardly any lag whatsoever. Similar to Apple Airpods, this too can connect automatically as soon as it is taken out of the case. With passive noise cancellation, it blocks any surround sound while you are on a call or listening to music. It has a monopod feature where each of the earbuds can be used separately after connection.

The best part of the earphone is that it is a certified IPX7 waterproof that makes it possible to be used for 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Also, with a single charge, it gives a backup of 8 hours which is incredibly good. And along with the case, you can easily get a total of 24 hours of total backup all day long.


  • Superior gaming experience
  • Exceptional battery performance
  • Very comfortable and unique design
  • Well balanced acoustics
  • Deep bass effect


  • Does not have any Qualcomm aptx support
  • Comfortability depends on your ear canal

7. Redmi Earbuds S

Redmi Earbuds S


  • Compatible with all brands and products
  • Sleek & compact design
  • Total of 12 hours with the charging case
  • Impeccable bass & sound quality
  • 4.1g ultra-lightweight earbuds

Redmi Earbuds S is one of the lowest-priced earbuds but is of premium quality in every aspect. If you have a low budget and still are looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds in India you can without a doubt go for this one. It has a pretty sleek design and is very stylish. We loved this because it is very lightweight and weighs only 4.1g. This Redmi earbud is compatible with every brand and every product.

The earbud can be connected automatically as soon as you take it out of the case. Simply switch on the Bluetooth icon on your laptop or smartphone and connect the Redmi Earbuds S. It has a good long-range connection and has no complaints of any lag. These earbuds are equipped with 7.2mm dynamic drivers that give punchier sound & better bass experience. You can experience the best gaming experience with the help of low-latency gaming mode. Using the buttons you can play/pause music, activate a voice assistant, answer /disconnect calls, switch between the calls, mute the call, etc.

Use the hand-free mode where with just two clicks you can call out the voice assistant on your device and make the commands. It even has noise cancellation that cables out any background noise you may have around you so that you can do everything very comfortably. In a single charge, you can easily get up to 4 hours of playback time while in total it can give 12 hours.


  • Great noise cancellation
  • Gaming mode reduces the latency to 122ms
  • Sweat and splash-proof protection
  • Class-leading large dynamic sound driver
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • Connectivity isn’t that good
  • Pods are delicate to handle

8) One Plus Buds Z

OnePlus Buds Z (White)


  • Latest Dirac audio tuner digital technology.
  • Dynamic 3D stereo.
  • Advanced 10 mm dynamic driver.
  • Connect easier with quick pairing.
  • Supports voice assistant.

This product is value for money. Each earbud incorporates an advanced 10 mm dynamic driver which ensures deep bass definition. You can feel enhanced depth and detail with every beat. Its hydrophobic nano-coating repels water, providing protection from corrosion and rust. Elevate your sound with dynamic 3D stereo with Dolby Atmos.

If you fully charge the earbud then it can provide you with 20 hours of battery life: five hours in the earbuds and 15 hours of charging case. You don’t need to worry, even if you do 10 minutes of charging then it lets you use it for 3 hours. Its advanced 5.0 Bluetooth version provides high audio quality. This product would become your instant favorite. The quick pairing lets you immediately pair to the device.

This product has a sleek and elegant design. You would really love it. It comes with advanced features as well as an elegant design. If you’re looking for a quality product under a budget then we would recommend this product. The weight of this product is 50 grams. One Plus Buds Z has good ratings and positive reviews. So, buy it without thinking twice. Don’t let a great deal slip from your hand.


  • 20 hours of battery life.
  • Stylish and elegant design.
  • Value for money.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Excellent built quality.
  • Light-weighted and travel-friendly.


  • Lack of color options.
  • Can cause some pain after using it for hours.

9) Noise Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Noise Shots Nuvo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Designed for Music Lovers, Supports Fast Charging with 32 Hours of Total Playback time, IPX4 Water Resistant (Vivid Red)


  • IPX4 water-resistant.
  • Fast charging.
  • Voice assistant support.
  • 800 mAh charging case.
  • Super quick pairing.

Noise is new in the market which has successfully become one of the best brands in India by providing quality products to their customers. This product from Noise has stylish look and significant features. It is powered by Bluetooth version 5.0 which ensures high sound quality. Its 6 mm speaker driver is there for Hi-Fi sound. You would definitely love the product for its advanced features and elegant design.

10 minutes charge offer you up to 80 minutes of music. You would get over 32 hours of total playtime with the 800 mAh charging case. Its Bluetooth range is 10 meters so, you don’t need to carry your heavy tablets or cell phone while you’re listening to music. It is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. For Siri & Google Assistant on iOS & Android with just a touch & hold on your Shots Rush earphones.

This product has an IPX4 rating offering protection from water/sweat and dust. Noise Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds weighs around 50 grams. You won’t regret buying the product. It didn’t make it to the list just like that. The product has good ratings and positive reviews when checked online.


  • Light-weighted and comfortable.
  • 32 hours of total playback.
  • One year warranty on the product.
  • Value for money.
  • Premium look.
  • The built quality is good.


  • It’s in-ear earbuds so, it would hurt your ears when used for a long time.
  • Lack of color options.



  • The wireless range is 10 meters.
  • 4.1 light-weighted earbud design.
  • Realme link app connectivity.
  • 13 mm dynamic bass boost driver.
  • Bluetooth version 5.0

This product has a stylish design. It is compact and portable. It would perfectly fit inside your purse or backpack. Its Bluetooth version 5.0 allows you to connect to the devices without any issues and ensure high-quality audio. Most of the time when you’re listening to music the noise pollution comes in from the external ambiance. But you don’t have to worry, the Realme buds help you do exactly helps you with it. The product has a technically superior feature that includes relatively higher sensitivity for a seamless music experience.

The earbuds come in with a charging case. Carry it along with you and listen to music whenever you want. Its wireless range is 10 meters so you don’t need to carry all those heavy devices with you while you’re moving here and there. Two hours charge would give you up to 17 hours of playtime.

This product weighs 4 grams which makes it travel-friendly. It is comparatively easy to operate and use. Moreover, it has a 13 mm dynamic driver for Hi-Fi sound. The earbud is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. You would get six months warranty on the product. Overall, it’s a good product in its price range with exclusive features. Go for this product, if you’re looking for an earbud that looks good and affordable.


  • Intelligent touch controls.
  • One-touch Google assistant.
  • Super low latency gaming mode.
  • Six months warranty on the product.
  • Water and sweat resistant.


  • The product has an average built.

11) boAt Truly Wireless Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 281 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds with Mic(Active Black)


  • IPX5 marked water and sweat resistance.
  • 14 hours in charging case.
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • In-built microphone for stereo calls.
  • Easy access controls.

the boAt is a new India-based electronics brand that has dominated the Indian market with its quality products. They don’t comprise on the quality of their product and their service is excellent. It’s an affordable brand that comes with high-quality products now and then.

You can go instant true wireless with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0. It has an exquisite design and advanced features. IPX5 shied for splash and sweat resistance. It offers up to 3.5 hours of playback along with 14 hours of charge within the case. In fact, these earbuds can be charged to 100% in one hour. It is compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

Its wireless range is 10 mm so no need of carrying your heavy tablets while listening to music or talking to your friends or boss. A single touch voice assistant is there to provide you the convenience. It has easy access to touch controls along with stereo calling. The product is exclusively made in India and weighs around 9 grams. It is light-weighted and compact.

Furthermore, the earbuds have an in-built speaker for stereo calls and a 6 mm dynamic driver for immerse sound. It has 14 hours of backup with a 420 mAh carrying case. The product is comfortable and easy to use. Its stylish look and durability make us buy this product.


  • Easy controls.
  • One year warranty on the product.
  • Value for money.
  • Light-weighted and comfortable.
  • Instant voice assistant.
  • Good built quality.


  • The earbuds can give you some problems if used for a prolonged time.

Buying Guide for the Best Bluetooth Earbuds in India

This category of the sound system is the trendiest amongst the populace. The biggest advantage of Bluetooth earbuds is that it is portable, wireless, and compact. Nowadays, Bluetooth earbuds come with significant features and can be found in different styles ranging from low price to high. However, we need to be careful before any purchase. There are a few things you need to consider before buying any Bluetooth earbuds.

1) Battery Life

This is the most important factor that influences your purchase. You can check the product description for knowing the battery life of a particular product. Nobody likes charging their earbuds after every hour. It is obvious that the high-end products would last long for up to 24 hours, unlike the low-cost ones. However, the decision is yours. You should be clear about what do you really need.

2) Budget

It is important that you finalize the budget before any purchase. It is obvious that high-quality earbuds would cost you more. However, you don’t need to worry as you would get a lot of options as per your budget. More importantly, it’s your personal preference as well. No matter, what a particular brand says about its products. The judge is you as you’re going to use it.

3) Audio Quality

You need to check the audio quality of the product before buying it. You should look for products whose harmonic distortion should be 1% or lesser than that. Moreover, you should be concerned about the frequency response as well. What makes the sound of the product better is the higher frequency response. The frequency is measured in hertz (Hz). When you’re going through a product you would see its frequency response on the product description.

4) Waterproof

As Bluetooth earbuds are compact and portable so it might get exposed to water. So, you need to see if the particular product you’re about to buy is waterproof or not.

5) Get the Fit Right

Whenever you’re buying earbuds make sure that you get the right fit. Which design you want, on the ear or in the ear. The ear design would be perfect for people who use its earbuds for a longer period of time. In the ear can cause you pain when used for a longer time but if you’re going jogging or working out then in the ear would be perfect for you. It won’t easily fall off.

6) Case

Carrying your sound and charging it too: The outer case is not only for carrying the earbuds but is also the charger of the earbuds. The bigger the case it’s better but it would be inconvenient to carry. You also need to check how well do the buds fit right into the case. The perfect case would hold up the earbuds magnetically so in case you kept it open, the buds won’t fall. Look for a product that rightfully holds the earbuds and you won’t have a hard time opening it.

7) Active Noise Cancellation

Almost every product, these days features active noise cancellation. However, this feature is not liked by everyone. Products with ANC would cost you high as well as it would drain off the battery in no time. So, we would advise you to buy products with ANC if you really need them. You can also go for products with passive noise cancellation if you want to save some cash. Choose as per your personal preference.

8) Calling Functionality

It is important that the earbuds we are planning to buy not only have good bass but they would be able to handle calls as well. You really need to look for this. Invest in a good product so that it would let you have a seamless call experience.


Well, here we are with the best Bluetooth earbuds in India. The list has been kept a little short since there were hundreds of such options and yet not all of them were good enough for a mention. We have actively used the product and can surely say that they are perfect for you. Starting from the earbuds that are a little expensive yet have premium features, to the ones you can afford if you have a small budget.

Anyways, no matter whichever you tend to go for, all of them are worthy of being used. All of these are compatible with any of the smartphones either be it Apple Airpods or Redmi Buds. These earbuds are great in quality and exceptionally good in the sound output. If at all there are some others you have been using and are worth the money, do let us know in the comment section as well. Furthermore, if you have any queries with the earbuds do let us know as well so that we can solve it out for you asap.

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