Bluetooth Gears: How to take care of your earphones

Are you one of those people having problems making your earphones last long? You might think that it has something to do with the model or the brand of your earphones. We are telling you now, that it has no correlation and even if it does, it bears a minimal impact on your device’s lifespan.

Here at Bluetooth Gears, we will show you the best ways to take care of your earphones to ensure that they would last longer and work better. Check them all out below and enjoy a longer lifespan for your device: 

Keep them clean 

The outside environment and even your ears contain dirt that might affect the sound quality of your earphones in the long run. The best way to prevent this is to clean your device regularly after use before the dirt builds up and becomes too tough for you to remove. 

Try to wipe your earphones using a soft cloth that is slightly dampened with alcohol or sanitiser and for sanitary reasons, avoid letting other people use your earphones. 

Lightly brush earwax or debris off the driver’s unit 

Earwax getting on your earphones is normal. There are times when grease and debris could get stuck on your device and harden the longer you don’t clean it off. Not only is it unsanitary to use your earphones like this, but it also exposes you to different diseases and affects the quality of your device over time. 

Use a soft sponge to slightly remove the dirt without damaging the surface of your device. Avoid using cotton buds since the fibres of the cotton might get stuck on your earphones. 

Clean the jack 

Earphone jacks can accumulate dirt over time and could result in a static or warping of sound if not prevented. To clean your earphone jack, we recommend you use a compressed gas duster, which delivers a blast of air inside the earphone jack to dislodge the debris inside. 

Mind the cable 

Once your earphone cables are destroyed, you are done. For this reason, you must always keep your earphone cables neatly. Avoid putting it directly in your pocket where it could end up tangled up. Additionally, it would help you if you don’t let the wires dangle since any form of bending on the wire could result in an earlier deterioration of your earphones. 

We recommend coiling your cables properly before storing your earphones. You can use a couple of devices for this or simply get a tube where you can wrap the wire. 

Store your earphones properly 

Earphones are not meant to be thrown in the bag or in your pocket where they can get crushed or bent harshly. When keeping your earphones, you must use dedicated storage. A simple small bag or pouch would be enough. 

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