Earphones and headphones: Who uses what?

Admittedly, earphones and headphones have quite similar names, which is why some people in India can confuse one for the other. Some of them are labelled ‘in-ear’ while others sit outside the ear. Others have features in them like if they’re wired, wireless or even true wireless. To add to that, they all do the same thing, so why bother with so many names and types? 

Well, there are quite a bit of differences that each of them has, resulting in different names with different pros and cons. All of those questions will be answered and more in this article by Bluetooth Gears so keep scrolling to read more about it.

Which came first?

To set the record straight, headphones were the historically invented first. During the late 1800s, the very first ‘headphone’ was invented and the company responsible for this breakthrough was the British Company Electrophone. 

The initial goal of the invention was to transmit live feeds of performances from music halls and theatres like musical concerts, theatre plays and orchestras to the homes of people in London. This way, people could pay to listen from the comfort of their homes. 

As the device became more popular, other inventors found ways to streamline the design of the headphones and find other uses for it. Headphones would then be redesigned for telephone receivers, wartime personnel, and later, for music production.

Who uses headphones and for what?

When people think of music production, you’ll normally find these DJs, producers, and mixers wearing headphones and not earphones or earbuds. In addition, when people talk about good sound quality and impeccable sound quality, people will often cite listening to music with headphones. So why do they use headphones? There are a few reasons for this. 

For one, wireless and wired headphones have more space. More space means that more technology and features can be fit and specified for the intended users. A good example of these is studio headphones which are specially designed to pick up on many inconsistencies when it comes to sound. These headphones offer sound engineers and other mixers an unbiased to what they’re hearing.

It’s also worth mentioning that headphones are also used by audiophiles because headphones offer different listening experiences. 

With open-back headphones, the ear cups on the back are open which allows more air and sound out. The design of these headphones allows for a more natural sound to come out of a headphone but can make for noisy surroundings as the sound will leak.

On the other hand, closed-back headphones cover the back portion of the headphones to give a more surrounding feeling and to block the ambient sound that a user’s surroundings may have. This combined with headphones that have noise-cancelling technology can make for the best Bluetooth headphones that help users like business people and artists focus on the sounds or doing a task.

Who uses earphones and for what?

Wireless earphones and wired earphones have been a staple of the early 2000s and 2010s. Nearly every phone and mp3 device came with a pair of wired earphones that people could use to listen to music during commutes or while shopping. Wireless earphones, not to be confused with earbuds, were also popularised during the 2010s because of how easy they were to use, especially for business people. It’s safe to say that earphones were what many people with phones had during then.

What sets earphones apart from the rest is the smaller and compact design that allows them to be extremely portable and the fact that they must sit within the cup of the ear but not in the ear canal itself. This positioning allows people to listen to music while also hearing what’s happening around their surroundings. And if people take care of their earphones, these have the potential to last a long time.

It should also be noted that earphones are also used by those in the music industry, specifically singers, musicians, and sound engineers who need to hear themselves during events like concerts. For these professionals, a special pair of earphones are needed and they’re called in-ear headphones. 

As the name suggests, these headphones are inserted until they reach the ear canal of the singer. With this position, artists can focus on the cues given by sound engineers and showrunners amidst the sound of instruments, a crowd, and special effects.

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Bluetooth headphones and earphones have situations where one will do better than the other. One may prefer earphones to headphones because of the size while headphones may be the only thing a music-lover will carry to listen to music. It truly comes down to preference and testing which is what makes shopping for either a special experience. If you want to choose the best headphones or earphones in India for you and your needs, ask us today.

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