Top 10 Best Wireless Mouse in India

We have been giving up the use of wires in almost everything. Whether it be your gaming consoles or your mouse. From your smartphone chargers to your earphones, everything has adopted wireless technology. When it comes to picking out the Best Wireless Mouse in India, we have got you covered here.

If you are a PC user or own a laptop, having a mouse for your system is a must. The use of a wireless mouse has several benefits in multiple ways. They are pretty easy to use and very consistent as well. You no longer have to worry about the wires being too small or getting entangled in itself. Furthermore, just like we had discussed the wireless keyboards, this too uses USB adapters to connect to the system.

It allows hassle-free movement anyplace on the table and the range is pretty good too. You can choose your favorite brand and design from the list we have mentioned here and make your decision. Let us look at the list of Best Wireless Mouse in India.

Best Wireless Mouse In India

Top 10 Best Wireless Mouse in India

1) Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse, Multi-Device, Bluetooth or 2.4GHz Wireless with USB Unifying Receiver, 4000 DPI Any Surface Tracking, 7 Buttons, Fast Rechargeable, Laptop/PC/Mac/iPad OS - Black 


  • Cross Computer Control
  • Tracks virtually anywhere even on glass
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dual Connectivity
  • Speed adaptive scroll wheel

Logitech MX Master 2S is one of the best Wireless Mouse in India. It is one of the expensive products in our list but totally worth mentioning for everyone who has no budget limit and needs one for their office work or for gaming. This is Logitech’s flagship mouse that has been re-designed to give its users the best experience. It has a stunning ergonomic design that gives a thumb rest as well. A very interesting aspect of the mouse is that it can be connected with three computers at the same time.

With the help of speed adaptive scroll wheel auto-shift, you can make hyper-fast scrolling and much faster clicks as compared to other mouse in the market. The package consists of a Unifying adapter and the charging cable as well. Not only can you connect it using the adapter but it even has Bluetooth connectivity too. This mouse is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS. It features a very accurate 4000 DPI laser sensor that allows you to even use it over the glass surface.

You no longer have to worry about changing the batteries in this device. It comes with an in-built battery that is rechargeable. Not every mouse in the market has such a feature and one single charge can go for up to 70 days. However, it does depend on your usage and the total charge capacity will be based on it.

  • Connect multiple systems at once
  • You can connect either via an adapter or Bluetooth mode.
  • The design is stunning and feels pretty soft & comfortable to use
  • Worth the money spent on it
  • Great for gaming and work as well
  • Built quality is exceptional
  • Expensive
  • On the heavier side as opposed to other wireless mouse

2) Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent Bluetooth Mouse–Move Text/Image/File Between 2 Windows/Mac/Android Devices with Bluetooth/USB,With 7 Customizable Buttons,Contoured Shape,2 Year Battery Life-Graphite 


  • Seamlessly control multiple devices
  • Scrolling through long documents faster and easier
  • Two thumb buttons
  • 90 percent noise reduction on the click sound
  • Dual Connectivity compatible

Logitech M590 is known to be amongst the best wireless mouse that is very silent every time you click on it. According to the brand, it has been designed in a manner where you will feel a 90% reduction of the click sound. It makes it the best alternative to any office mouse or gaming one too. It is very soft to touch and also has a thumb rest that makes it pretty comfortable all the way.

Similar to what we have seen on Logitech’s flagship mouse, this too has the capability to connect multiple systems at once It even allows the user to copy & paste the content and other documents between those computers. This mouse has a micro-precision wheel with a horizontal tilt for faster scrolling on longer documents. Unlike any other mouse you have come across, it has two thumb buttons that help you to move up and down the page with a click. In fact, you can make changes to the button’s usability as you like.

Well, the button below the scroller makes it easy for any user to switch between two systems connected to a single mouse. In total there are 7 customizable buttons on the mouse that serve the purpose well. Furthermore, you can use either the USB adapter or the Bluetooth connectivity to get connected with the computer. Simply put in the batteries and enjoy more than 2 years of life before you have to change it again.

  • Produces less noise while pressing the buttons
  • Multiple options to connect it with a system
  • Great for those who do video editing or any similar work
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Great battery life
  • Mid-range product
  • Users with bigger hands may encounter issues

3) HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse

HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse Silver 


  • 4GHz wireless connection
  • 16 months of life on a single AA battery
  • Blue LED technology
  • 1200DPI optical sensor for accuracy
  • Supports Windows, Mac. and Chrome OS

HP Z3700 is a masterpiece designed by the tech giant. It is one of the very sleek designs you will see in any other brand. HP has chosen to go for a modern approach for its mouse that looks brilliant yet serves your purpose very well. It weighs only 50g which is incredibly lightweight and you can use it with proper ease. The mouse can fit anywhere, even in your pocket, and carry it around with you.

It has been provided with a USB adapter that fits easily in your system and you can use the mouse with ease. With the use of Blue LED technology, your mouse can be used on any surface with the utmost precision. You can move it easily over soft as well as glass surfaces with no disturbance at all. To make sure you do not lose the USB, the mouse has a small space inside of it to store the small device. This mouse supports Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS as well.

Furthermore, it features a 1200DPI optical sensor that gives better accuracy and also keeps the speed pretty high so that you can scroll around without any delay. As for battery power, you need to use the AA batteries in it that will last for very long. It does not have the rechargeable battery which could have been better. But this one can work for 16 months or even more.

  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • The design is incredible good and looks stunning
  • Provides a reliable connection between the system and the device
  • Support multiple operating systems
  • Affordable and reliable as well
  • Not suitable for bigger hands
  • Scrolling could have been a little smoother

4) Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz with USB Unifying Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 12 Month Life Battery, Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook/PC/Laptop - Blue 


  • 4 GHz wireless technology with optical tracking
  • Long battery life
  • Hand-friendly ergonomic design
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and other devices
  • Comes with the Unifying receiver

Logitech M235 is one of the best brands that design the best Wireless Mouse in India. The M235 model is amongst one of them with thousands of users who have excellent experience overall. It comes with a compact size and also has an ergonomic design where both the ends have thumb resting space. Whether you are left or right-handed, works out perfectly well for you. In fact, the price range is way below 1000 rupees and is perfect for anyone with a low budget.

Both sides have been accompanied by soft rubber grips that make it easier for you to work on it and hold the grip. All the activities are maintained by the mouse such as surfing the website, playing games, etc. This does have a good size as well and fits on bigger hands as well. For high reliability and the ability to get the freedom of movement, it has been featured with optical tracking. Also, the connectivity is pretty good with the use of a USB adapter since it gives 2.4 GHz wireless technology.

As we said, it supports every other operating system such as Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS as well. Simply plug in the receiver and connect your mouse with the system and make changes as per your need. A small LED below the scroller is for the battery indicator. The battery will last as long as a year.

  • Have an ergonomic design with high durability
  • You can expect great accuracy and speed with sensors
  • Easy to use and the grip is superb
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Good battery life
  • Back cover is a bit fragile
  • Clicks are a bit louder than expected

5) Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse


  • Wireless connection up to 10m
  • Advanced optical tracking
  • 12-Month Battery Life
  • Compatible with every type of OS
  • Plug and Forget USB Receiver

Logitech B170 is our personal favorite among so many we have used before. It is smaller in size than the traditional ones in the market. This mouse gives a premium feel when you hold on to it. The rubber sides are excellent to maintain grip and do not look cheap at all. It only weighs 68g that makes it ultra-lightweight and you can carry it around with you without worrying about the weight at all. The design is petty clean and also very elegant at the same time.

It features a wireless connection of 2.4 GHz technology that enables a connection up to 10 m which is pretty decent. Simply plug in the USB receiver and within seconds you can start using the mouse. The best part is that you can easily turn it off or on when not in use so as to save the battery life. With the use of optical tracking, you can get very precise moves on any surface you have it on. We found the structure to be very comforting. Yes, it is a little small for bigger hands but other than that it is perfect.

As for the battery life, you need to put in physical batteries that can go on for about 12- months after which it will be time to replace them. This brand has been a trusted one for years now and you can expect exceptional performance.

  • Easy and instant pairing
  • Great battery life
  • Advanced and efficient optical tracking
  • Highly affordable and very reliable
  • Great design and build quality
  • Small size for bigger hands
  • The packaging was very poor




  • Two primary buttons and scroll wheel
  • Adjustable optical sensor
  • The battery has a life of 12 months
  • Operates at a frequency range of 2.4 GHz,
  • Ambidextrous design

HP X3500 is an ambitious design by the tech giant and the users have been loving every aspect of it so far. We tested out and reviewed it ourselves and were stoked with its stunning design. You can use it for your laptop, computer, and even a notebook. No matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed it works out perfectly well for both due to its ambidextrous design. Both sides have thumb rest making it highly convenient to move around.

The mouse is pretty lightweight but very durable. For connection, you get a USB wireless receiver that can be plugged-in to your system and within seconds it will get connected. This mouse operates at a  frequency of 2.4Ghz that will keep the wireless signal intact at all time and you do not have to worry about any signal loss. Furthermore, it has a wireless range of 10m so make sure you keep your mouse in the parameter for the best performance.

With this mouse, you get a battery life of about 12 months. It is not rechargeable but the use of AA batteries gives it life. Other than this, it is highly affordable to anyone with a low budget. It is however only compatible with the Windows Operating system so make sure you do not buy it if you have Mac or ChromeOS.

  • Lightweight with an exceptional design
  • Easy plug and play. Does not need any drivers.
  • Runs on a single battery with year-long life
  • No lags are experienced
  • No issues with the range
  • Not for gaming purpose
  • Red optical sensor isn’t always lit up


Dell 570-AAMH WM126 USB Optical LED 3-Button Mouse, Black 


  • Compatible with Android, Windows, Chrome or Linux.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • 1000 dpi Movement resolution.
  • Three buttons- right, left and middle scroll button.
  • Wireless receiver.

The WM-126 Bluetooth mouse from Dell provides you with the best performance for everyday use. The prime objective of every wireless mouse is to prevent entangled wires in your workspace and this mouse does that job efficiently. This is one of the most used and as well as inexpensive products that you can find in the market, and that is why the Dell WM126 does deserve a special mention in this article. Since this is not exclusively a gaming mouse, it is perfect for daily use.

The contoured design of the mouse is one that provides you with the ultimate comfort, as it does not cause your wrist or your palm to ache if you are using the mouse for a long time. The mouse can be used with almost all versions of Windows, such as 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. It can also be used with Android, Linux as well as Chrome. You are provided with a USB receiver as well as one AA type battery. It has a 1000 dpi movement resolution and can be connected to six compatible devices with the single receiver.

It does not have a complex procedure for setup or any sort of confusing software, which means that users can start using this mouse without any delay as soon as they get hold of it. The plug-and-play feature makes this installation procedure such a simple and easy one. Apart from that, the wireless performance of the mouse along with its compact size makes it an excellent choice for users who are always on-the-go.

  • Compact size.
  • Light in weight.
  • Coverage range is quite good.
  • Easy setup and installation.
  • Since the mouse is optical, it can be used on glass surfaces.
  • It comes in different colours.
  • Battery quality could be much better.
  • Accuracy is not that commendable for high-end operations.

8) Logitech M187 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M187 Ultra Portable Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz with USB Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 3-Buttons, PC/Mac/Laptop - Black 


  • Optical tracking of 1000 dpi.
  • 4 GHz connectivity with a USB receiver.
  • Compatible with Laptop, Macbook or any PC.
  • The USB receiver is small in size.
  • It is pocket-sized as well as user friendly.

This cordless mouse from Logitech comes with the goodness and reliability of a wired mouse in the form of a cord-free and hassle-free wireless mouse. The wireless technology used by Logitech in this mouse provides 2.4 GHz connectivity. The USB receiver is nano and so small that after you fit it into your computer’s USB port you can completely forget about the worry of losing it or breaking it and if you do not need the USB receiver for an extended amount of time, you can easily store it inside the mouse.

The mouse is pocket-sized, and as such, you can take it along with your laptop. It can easily fit inside your handbag, bag pack or even your pants pocket. So, you can take this mouse with you wherever you go. Wireless mouses come in very handy if your laptop touchpad gets damaged in any way and the Logitech M187 does this job efficiently. The mouse provides you with more control as well as excellent precision than your regular laptop touchpad. You get the best of wired as well as cordless mouses if you choose the Logitech M187.

You can use the Logitech M187 with all versions of Windows as well as with MAC and DOS. You can use this mouse while you are working while sitting on a sofa or when you want to connect your laptop to your television. The quality of the Logitech M187 is very high, and this makes Logitech one of the best companies that manufacture top quality cordless mice in India.

  • Battery backup is excellent.
  • The design of the mouse makes it durable.
  • It is best for the office as well as home use.
  • It offers up to ten metres of connectivity range.
  • Warranty support of 3 years.
  • Great for long term usage.
  • The switch for turning the mouse on and off is quite flimsy.
  • Can consume a lot of power.

9) Lenovo 300 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo 300 Wireless Compact Mouse, 1000 DPI Optical sensor, 2.4GHz Wireless Nano USB, 10m range, 3-button(left,right,scroll) upto 3M left/right clicks & 1yr battery, Ambidextrous, Ergonomic GX30K79401 


  • Nano wireless USB receiver.
  • 1000 dpi movement resolution.
  • Three buttons for control- right, left and middle.
  • USB 2.0 interface.
  • Can be used by both hands.
  • Can work with all versions of Windows or MAC.

Lenovo, as we know, it is one of the leading manufacturers of PCs, Laptops, wireless mouse or keyboards, and a lot of other products. The Lenovo 300 wireless mouse is one of the best as well as affordable cordless mice in the Indian market and provides you with a plethora of premium features such as durability as well as long-lasting battery life, thereby making it one of the best cordless mice under Rs. 1000.

The Lenovo 300 cord-free mouse comes with a wireless USB connectivity which makes it extremely efficient as well as portable if you are always on-the-go. The optical sensor of the mouse is 1000 dpi, and it is due to this reason that the Lenovo 300 wireless mouse provides quick tracking as well as accurate movement. It has the standard right and left control buttons and the scroll wheel in the middle. A lot of attention has been given in the designing of the mouse so that it fits comfortably within the palm of your hands and makes it usable for a much longer time.

You can easily carry this mouse wherever you want to as it fits easily inside your handbag or backpack. The 2.0 USB receiver is also efficient as you can simply plug it into the USB port of your computer without having to worry about complex procedures for setup or installation and use the mouse anywhere. The mouse weighs only 60 grams which makes it lightweight and simple to use, and it can be used by both right and left-handed users.

  • The mouse has an ergonomic design.
  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Best for basic use.
  • Warranty support of three years.
  • Light in weight.
  • Battery consumption is high.
  • USB reception is not very accurate.

10) Lenovo GY50R91293 400 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo 400 Wireless Mouse, 1200DPI Optical Sensor, 2.4GHz Wireless Nano USB, 3-Button (Left,Right,Scroll) Upto 8M Left/Right & 100K Scroll clicks & 1yr Battery, Ambidextrous, Ergonomic GY50R91293


  • USB receiver- 2.4 GHz.
  • Design- Ambidextrous.
  • 1200 DPI movement resolution.
  • Can work with operating systems above Windows 7.
  • Three control buttons- right click, left click and scroll click.

As we have mentioned in the above product, Lenovo is one of the best brands for computers, laptops, etc., and the Lenovo 400 is another wonderful and feature-packed mouse from the reputed company. If you are in an office, you can make do with the regular corded mouse, but when you are travelling, you do not need the problem of entangled wires, and this Lenovo wireless mouse provides a solution for that.

The Lenovo 400 cord-less mouse can operate with any system, be it Windows, MAC or Linux. The USB receiver has 2.4 GHz connectivity, and the receiver is so skinny, you can use it with devices that support USB 2.0 GHz. The connection is very strong, and when you are done with your work, we can place the receiver inside the mouse, and this makes sure that your receiver does not get misplaced.

While being efficient in its job, the Lenovo 400 wireless mouse is also very compact as well as affordable. You can easily plug in the USB receiver of the mouse to the USB port of your computer and use it anywhere with the optimum level of comfort. One of the best features of the Lenovo 400 wireless mouse is the battery life, which is long-lasting and can smoothly go on for 10-12 months. If you are a graphic designer, then this mouse will be the best for you and will also come under your budget.

  • The supporting feature of the mouse is excellent.
  • It connects with your computer very easily.
  • Usage is very comfortable.
  • Affordable price.
  • The ergonomic design makes it suitable for extended usage.
  • The scroll wheel is not of good quality.
  • Laser light does not switch off even after shutting down the computer.

Buying Guide for the Best Wireless Mouse in India

best wireless mouse buying guide

If your wireless mouse has strong features, then you can expect the optimum level of performance and efficiency and that is why before buying a cordless mouse, you should know what features or factors are to be considered. We have listened to some of the factors below to help you with your decision:

1) Budget

One of the main factors that go into the purchasing of a wireless mouse is the budget. Most wireless mouses for basic usage come under Rs 1000. So, if you are looking to purchase a wireless mouse for everyday use, it is needless to spend more than a 1000 rupees. Gaming mouses cost more than that, and they come with a lot of additional features such as adjustable DPI or charging features. The more the features, the more expensive the mouse will be.

2) Size

The size of your wireless mouse is an important factor too because you would want to purchase a wireless mouse that fits within the palm of your hand without any wrist pain. There are a lot of brands selling wireless mice in the market, and therefore you should make sure that you check the size that will be the most comfortable for you.

3) DPI

DPI is an abbreviation for “Dot Per Inch”. This factor is important as it determines how fast the cursor of the mouse will run. If the DPI is high, then you can move the cursor of the mouse much faster. A basic wireless mouse can have a DPI of 800 to 1600, but gaming mouses have a much higher DPI. If you have a budget of more than Rs 1000, then you can invest in a mouse that has adjustable DPI. You should always choose a mouse which has a DPI which is above 800 DPI because it ensures the faster movement of your mouse.

4) Battery

The battery is also an important factor that needs to be considered before you purchase a wireless mouse. You should also check the type of battery that will be compatible with your mouse and whether your mouse consumes a lot of energy. Some wireless mouses run on AA batteries, and some are rechargeable. The rechargeable ones are usually more expensive than usual.

5) Receiver

The USB receiver is also an important factor, and you should always choose a mouse that uses a nano type USB receiver so that you can use it conveniently and it also fits properly in your computer’s USB port.

Final Words

So, with a detailed review and understanding of the best wireless mouse in India, we have made sure you get the best among all, The list does not have way too many options which are good in a way since you can easily get one for yourself without getting confused. To pick one for yourself there are certain factors that you can keep in mind.

Make sure to check the build quality, design, comfortable, sensor, speed, purpose, and affordability. It is important to make sure you have a proper budget in mind so that half the options are eliminated likewise. And then you can move forward with the features. Other than this, you can even get combo packages that are highly affordable too that includes a mouse and a keyboard as well.

If you have any issues with the device you have selected, you can let us know, or else we have our utmost faith in them. Furthermore, you can check out more info on these products on their official sites otherwise we have covered everything you need to know.

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