Bluetooth Earphones Vs Bluetooth Earbuds – Which Is Better?

There is a vast difference between using Bluetooth Earphones and Bluetooth Earbuds. A lot of users are still not aware of the basic difference between the two and the marketing team of the companies might be at the advantage. Well, to help you get through this and make you understand everything you need to know about both Bluetooth earphones and earbuds, here is the perfect guide for you.

Well, Music connects you with everything around, and with a fine piece of the medium, you can have the best experience of your life. We have come a long way in terms of advancement in technology, and well, you can now find wireless tech in every piece of device you use these days. When it comes to choosing which one to go for between Bluetooth Earphones Vs Bluetooth Earbuds, it might get really tough.

If you have no idea about the multiple factors that you need to know about these devices, you can simply set your budget and check out each factor we have mentioned here.

So, we have curated this guide with a detailed comparison so that you can decide for yourself which one is better in what aspects. Here we go.

earphones vs earbuds

Bluetooth Earphones vs Bluetooth Earbuds


To start with we can take up the foremost difference that will catch the attention of any user before they select their products. Well, Bluetooth Earphones come in varied forms such as they can be in-ear, around the ears, with buds or without buds. On the other hand, we have Bluetooth Earbuds that are truly wireless and come with a charging case that gives you longer battery life.

There has always been a lot of confusion when it comes to deciding which of the devices as categorized as earphones or as earbuds. Well, Bluetooth earphones are mostly known to be the wired earphones that run on Bluetooth technology. They have highly durable wires or neck bands that can be carried around with magnets on their earbuds so that they do not fall off while exercising.

Moreover, the earbuds use wireless Bluetooth technology and come enclosed in a chagrin case. The biggest advantage they have over Bluetooth wired earphones is that you no longer have to worry about any wires hanging off from your ears. They are very convenient and comfortable to wear and have higher durability than any earphone you might have used before. Furthermore, it depends on the user’s choice whether they would choose to go for Bluetooth earphones or Bluetooth earbuds since both have their own advantage.


Well, before we even talk about the sound quality of both these devices individually which is one of the most important factors, you cannot ever come to a conclusion unless the device is comfortable to wear in the ears. To start with, both the devices are comfortable in their own way and there is no hard comparison since it depends on user-to-user. You might find it easier to carry the neckband around your ears as opposed to wearing the earbuds all day.

Also, there is no doubt that earbuds are a lot easier to handle since they have no wires and feel super comfortable in the ears. You might not feel the weight at times even if they are in the ears connected to your smartphones. While wired Bluetooth earphones might have a slight disadvantage with the wires being the source of discomfort on multiple occasions.

Another important aspect when it comes to the overall weight of the earbuds, it is much lighter than any earphones you might have worn around the years. Moving on, when it comes to the perfect fit of these devices, you might have to give a positive point to the Bluetooth earphones due to the wires you may never lose them anywhere. However, there are chances in multiple cases where the earbuds might fall off from the ears and you can end up losing money.

Sound Quality

Here we go with another important aspect that the users must take into consideration before buying any product. So, the sound quality of any product be it Bluetooth Earphones or Earbuds, simply depends solely on the drivers present it. We all started with Bluetooth earphones and now almost every brand has launched its own earbuds with better technology.

Earbuds such as Apple Airpods have an exceptional sound quality than multiple wired earphones in the market. But on the other hand,  you may not find the same sound quality as the Mi Airdopes that have been launched recently with a much lower price tag. It all depends on the build quality as well as the drivers that have been used in them.

Similarly, the One Plus Bullets Bluetooth earphones sound amazingly well as compared to that of any heavily priced earphones that might be comfortable enough. Sound quality depends on multiple factors such as noise cancellation, connectivity, drivers, and much more. Hence, the one with better drivers has much better sound quality irrespective of the price.

Battery Life

Since we all know that Bluetooth earbuds come enclosed in a case that acts as an extra wireless charger. On the other hand, Bluetooth earphones can only be charged for one and gives a maximum of about 8-10 hours of charge in one go. We have no doubt in saying that earbuds have a massive advantage when it comes to comparing battery life with the wired Bluetooth earphones.

Any set of earbuds in one charge can give about 5-6 hours on average with heavy usage. Along with this, the charging case can provide an easy another full charge to the earbuds or even more that can last for an entire day without having to plug it in the socket. You can carry it around with you in your pocket since they are very lightweight and come in handy. As for the earphones, it is a bit difficult to carry them around since you will have to plug them in once the charge gets over and they have no charging case whatsoever.

So, if you are looking for good battery life in your earbuds or earphones, we would recommend earbuds with the sole purpose of the charging case. They are a little pricey as opposed to any earphones but worth the money.


It all comes down to the budget. Above all, you can only choose the one that you can afford, no matter how amazing it sounds, or even battery life. There is no denying the fact that both Bluetooth Earphones and Bluetooth Earbuds come at varied prices. Some are quite pricey while the other might fit right in your budget.

If you need quality, you need to spend some money and go for the best. As for the Bluetooth earphones, they are surely within the budget most of the time. You can easily fit them in your budget and get the best ones at the most affordable rate. Since every brand has been launching their earbuds as well with very low prices, there are multiple options in the market for Bluetooth earbuds that have a similar price as that of wired Bluetooth Earphones.

But if you are looking to get the top one in the market such as Apple Airpods, JBL, Sony earbuds, etc, they have high priced and exceptional quality. So, it depends on your budget, after which you can check out the other factor whether you wish to go for earbuds or earphones.

Which is better for a workout?

Everyone has become health conscious these days and that means there are a lot more members in the gym working out than ever. Well, even if you are not a part of any gym, working out is the basic necessity for anyone. Hence you need a good pair of earphones or earbuds that can fit in perfectly and give a good sound quality while working out.

While choosing a good pair of earphones and earbuds there are multiple factors that you need to take care of. Working out means you will have activities that might include running, exercising, etc. Well, you need a device that fits in your ears and may not fall off. Also, it needs to be sweat resistant so that it can ensure durability. In such cases, you can go for either Bluetooth Earphones or Bluetooth Earbuds whichever suits you the best in your ears.

If you are paranoid about the earbuds falling off, there is no chance you will be able to concentrate on your workout. You can get a sense of security with the wired Bluetooth earphones around your neck. However, if you do not like the idea of the wires hanging around your neck then the earbuds might be the best option. Hence it all comes to you and what you might be comfortable in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it worth buying true wireless earbuds?

Wireless Earbuds have multiple advantages over any wired earphones you will come across. They are costly but the technology used in the device is worth the money. If you are an audiophile or loves to listen to music all day long, it can be your best investment to date. The reason being its exceptional sound quality that features noise cancellation. And the most important aspect is the battery life than go on for an entire day with the use of the chagrin case.

2. Can you sleep with wireless earbuds?

Well, it is never recommended to sleep with your earbuds or any earphones either be it wired or wireless. No matter how comfortable they may feel to the ears, sleeping with them can harm your ears. You can use it for sometime by prolonged use can pain your ears or even hurt you in the future. It is important to take care of these earbuds so that they do not cause pressure on the ears while you are asleep at night. Hence it is better to maintain the habit of not sleeping with the wireless earbuds on.

3. Are wireless earbuds better than earphones?

Since there are multiple factors to be considered. A lot of users prefer to go for wireless options than the wired ones. The clear advantage is the massive battery life and also the convenience to carry them around. They are better than earphones but simply not the best. YOu can lose them if they do not fit properly in the ears. While the earphones can be easily worn as a neckband and remain protected.

Final Verdict

We have reached the point where we need to pick a side as to whether Bluetooth earphones or Bluetooth earbuds are better. Since we already have discussed so many factors that you might agree with as well. In terms of design and build quality, both are equally good, however, if you are tired of the wires, you can choose to go for the earbuds.

Also, when it comes to considering the ergonomics, the wired earphones might be of advantage in certain aspects as that of earbuds. But then earbuds can be very comfortable since they are lightweight and easy to be carried around. Moving on, the sound quality is amazing in both of these and depends completely on you in the end. We do have a clear winner in multiple cases when it comes to battery life since Bluetooth earbuds have an added advantage.

Apart from this, the only aspect that may make things easier for you is the budget. Most of the products will be filtered out once you have set up your budget and then you can accordingly thereafter. So, considering every factor, if you feel there are any other queries that we might be able to help you with this, do let us know in the comment section below. Or else let us know which one would you prefer to go with while choosing between Bluetooth Earphones Vs Bluetooth Earbuds.


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