Wireless Speakers vs Soundbars – Detailed Guide

If you are a music enthusiast, you need the best quality sound system at your home. Well, even though you might be having an excellent television with good speakers, it can never match the output of external speakers whatsoever. Now, the real problem arises when choosing between Wireless Speakers vs Soundbars. They both have different characteristics but are equally amazing.

You can simply upgrade your sound system at home with these wireless speakers or buy a soundbar that falls within your budget. If you are an audiophile or simply a music enthusiast, things might get a little difficult when it comes to selecting whether a wireless speaker would be a good option or simply a Soundbar. Each of these serves the purpose well, however, there are multiple aspects that make them better than the former.

Here we have a detailed guide that will help you decide which of the speakers among these two will be perfect for you considering every single aspect.

We have curated this guide so that you can decide for yourself. Here we go.


What is a Soundbar?

A Soundbar is a type of loudspeaker that is wider or usually long making it a perfect fit to be paired with your television, computer monitor, or simply a home theatre. Well, this speaker has multiple smaller speakers placed or enclosed in the form of a cabinet producing some of the best quality of sound you might have heard before. A soundbar provides a surround sound or gives a stereo effect that can be used by replacing multiple speakers for your home.

You will also find a subwoofer along with a soundbar to give a special bass effect. Well, a soundbar is a perfect alternative to any set of speakers in your television and gives a rather enhanced tone and presents any loss of audio. Some of the most popular brands now design the best soundbars you might ever come across.

What is a Wireless Speaker?

On the other hand, Wireless Speakers are another form of loudspeakers that uses the power of radio frequency to connect to your gadgets without the use of any cables. Under this category, you can find multiple options, it can either be a set of speakers with a subwoofer or simply any Bluetooth speaker decent enough for a good output. If you have used a wireless speaker before, they are available in multiple sizes, shapes, weights, etc.

They mainly speak of enhanced portability and can be placed anywhere you would like. Simply connect your device to it and listen to music all day long. People these days mostly prefer to go for such portable speakers that can be carried around to different places.

Wireless Speakers vs Soundbars- Design

The foremost aspect that everyone must take into consideration is the design of each of these devices.

Well, to start with, Soundbars are designed in a manner that works as a perfect alternative to your television speakers or for your computer monitor. If you feel you cannot afford a home theatre system, you can simply buy a soundbar for a similar quality surround sound. Soundbars are long bar-shaped designed loudspeakers that combine multiple speakers into one and produce an exceptional output.

They are sleek and thin in structure so that you can easily place it under your television and save yourself a lot of space. With the help of an additional Subwoofer proceeded with the soundbars, you can hear the highs and lows of the sound from your TV very clearly. Make sure to get an Active SoundBar where you only need to plug in and get started. In fact, you also have the option to choose wireless soundbars well to connect them through Bluetooth and play music directly from your smartphone.

Moving on, we have Wireless speakers that come in multiple designs and shapes. It can be either a small pebble-shaped speaker or a large soundbox with an amazing sound. The best aspect of such speakers is that they are highly portable and you can place them anywhere you feel like. It depends solely on the Bluetooth range and does not require any setup.

Wireless Speakers vs Soundbars- Connections

Another noted difference that is pretty noticeable yet needs to be discussed is the multiple connections that you can use to connect both Soundbars as well as Wireless Speakers.

Starting with a Soundbar, these loudspeakers have multiple options that you can choose to connect the device with. It depends on the product you choose, but it can be both wired and wireless connections. Mostly classic soundbars have an HDMI port that you can use to connect with your television. However, as per the current scenario, you might find multiple such devices that are upgraded and have the option of wireless connections such as via Bluetooth. Not only can you connect it with your Smart TV but also to your smartphones and play music directly.

On the other hand, wireless speakers as the name itself speak use Bluetooth technology for connection as their primary option. It can be easily used to connect with multiple devices such as Smartphones, laptops, smart TV, Tablets, etc. Other than this, mostly every wireless speaker also has the option to connect to a device via AUX port that will give a better connection and more stability.

Wireless Speakers vs Soundbars- Portability

One of the major advantages of Wireless speakers over Soundbars is portability. Well, soundbars are longer in size and heavier in weight too. It is not meant to be taken from place to place or even moved in your home too. They are meant to be placed in a single spot like a home theatre system and used likewise. If you are looking to replace your TV built-in speaker with something better, Soundbars are perfect. However, you may need a separate speaker for all the other purposes.

As for the Wireless speakers, you can always rely on them to be carried around anywhere you would want. They have zero wires associated with them and thus carrying them around makes things a lot easier and much more comfortable. Such speakers are smaller in size and lighter in weight. It can be used as a travel buddy, in a party, just for listening to music, etc. You do not need to place it permanently at a spot but rather can be taken along with you.

Wireless Speakers vs SoundBars- Sound Quality

It all comes to the sound quality when you need to decide which one is better. Both devices have their unique characteristic and sound quality. In fact, one serves as the perfect alternative to a television speaker while the other is a perfect speaker for multiple purposes.

To start with a Soundbar, it consists of multiple speakers enclosed in a device together. This device gives a surround sound quality that is consistent at each corner as well as tends to cover your entire living room so that you can hear each beat or voice perfectly clear through your television. Many of the soundbars that you may come across have a subwoofer along with it. You might not need a separate woofer with it, however, it helps to manage the highs and the lows of the sound from your television

As for a wireless speaker, it is meant to serve an entirely different purpose. You may not get a sound quality similar to that of a soundbar however, they are good enough to listen to music in your home or just any other smaller function. There are multiple wireless speakers as well that are pretty large in size with exceptional quality output and do sound a lot better than soundbars such as JBL, Bose, etc speakers.

Wireless Speakers vs Soundbars- Budget

Even though you might have listened to your purpose of buying a speaker, there is one single thing that needs to be on the top of your list. Make sure to set up your budget before you start looking for either a Soundbar or a wireless speaker.

When it comes to price range, Soundbars are mostly on a higher price index as opposed to Wireless speakers. So, if you are specifically into Soundbars, you need to have a good budget so that you need not compromise on the quality of the sound. Also, you can easily get a good soundbar for your purpose in a decent price range. While on the other hand, Wireless speakers come in multiple price ranges and depend largely on the type of speaker you are looking for. If you are okay with a smaller sized wireless speaker, they are easily affordable and provide good output.

As for larger speakers or multiple speakers grouped together you might have to increase your budget a little since they can get a lot costly. You can easily get some of the best wireless speakers for the most popular brands such as Sony, Bose, JBL, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are soundbars worth it?

Yes, Soundbars are worth every penny spent on them. If you are looking to buy a soundbar, you can without a doubt invest your money in it. They are perfect for your television or computer monitor acting as an alternative to the built-in speakers. It can give a satisfactory quality surround sound and does not take up a lot of space. Simply place it under your television and connect to it to get started.

2. Can you use a soundbar without a TV?

Well, it depends on the connection type your soundbar has. Mostly soundbars these days have multiple connectivity options. They do have an HDMI port to connect to your television directly. However, if it has wireless connectivity options too such as Wifi direct or even Bluetooth you can easily connect your smartphones or other devices and play your favorite music through it.

3. How do wireless speakers connect to TV?

If you cannot afford soundbars, there are options by which you can connect your TV to the wireless speakers. Assuming that your television does not have Bluetooth compatibility, you can buy a separate Bluetooth Transmitter and insert it into the USB port of the TV. This will now allow the wireless speaker to directly act as an external device and then transmit the sound through the speakers.


Here we are with every piece of detail that you need to know on Wireless Speakers vs Soundbars. If you are new to this, it might be a little difficult, But with the help of the guide above, hopefully, things might get easier for you. Both Soundboard and wireless speakers series the purpose well for you. They have multiple features that need to be considered before you choose the perfect one for yourself.

Well, the foremost aspect that you need to decide is your purpose. If the speaker you need is for your television, then the only option that is suited perfectly is a soundbar. You can place it and set up everything accordingly. On the other hand, you can get a wireless speaker for any other purpose likewise. Either it is for your television or for traveling with it from place to place. Furthermore, make sure to set a budget as well, so that you can also filter out so many options in the market and thus it becomes easier to choose the right option.

However, if you still have your doubts you can let us know in the comment section below. We will be answering your queries to help you out in picking the best option based on your requirements and purposes that follows.

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